Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Arrival in San Fran

After the long drive from San Diego to San Fran we finally arrive and are pretty tired but so stoked to be there. In this photo you can see how eric lost his mind as he awaits for our "room and board supplier" come to the front door so he can drain the lizard.
 Anthony and Saddie sit down with us for a welcome gathering 
We then called it the night and passed out. Soon as we woke up which was earlier since the little one wakes everyone up, we went straight to check the waves followed up by some amazing coffee, coconut, toast $7 bomb ass breakfast. Anthony was this stoked to show us around his neighborhood!!   
Props to them at Trouble Coffee!!     

After Checking the surf and seeing how good it looked we then headed back to Anthony's work before Eric and I took off to see if there was a wave under the San Fran Bridge which was on fire at the time.  On thant walk with friendly dog tried to lick Eric to death and he started to make these faces!! So Funny that guy is! 
 After being amazed at the surf under the bridge we drove to Fishermans Wharf for some amazing clam chowder and to check out the site. You have to eat Boudin Bread if you are in San Fran and it is never short of a dull moment when u see hippies carrying there lazy dogs around the city!! 


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