Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mammoth Mountain Part 2 on Journey

After leaving Death Valley and getting into Mammoth around midnight it was time to start a 3 day shoot for Rip Curl Australia and Transfer Magazine. Here a view of the landscape when the pipe is built up higher on the mountain. Tomorrow is my 3rd day of shooting and then going right to my old house in tahoe for 1 night.

Monday, May 25, 2009

18 Day Drive Cross Country

On the 22nd of May my buddy Jeremy from back east came out to take a 18 day trip cross country with several stops along the way to various scenic and hiking destinations. Starting off from San Diego airport we got back to where I was staying in Oceanside, Ca to collect all my randoms of everything. Headed up to Marina Del Ray for the evening then right off to Death Valley. 300 plus miles later we do one final fill up and top off the water bottles then it was time to start our drive into the middle of nowhere. This image below was a self portrait of myself more towards the entrance of the park. After hiking through some sand dunes and shooting some other photos we went in search for a sunset zone to shoot and post up on for awhile, well until our next road we later found out was all off road which ended up screwing us by 20 minutes.... It was all good time then continued to Mammoth Lakes, Ca where we are doing a 3 day pit stop before our serious drive continues.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aaron Coyle

Aaron Coyle
A part time resident at the 1010 Spot. One hell of a good surfer and one funny ass kid to kick it with. Always fun times with this cat named Coyle. Trying to shoot some friends to stay busy until I leave for my voyage cross country.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Mammoth for Superpark

Well it is that time of season when you want to and also need to light your soggy boots on fire and call it quits with the snow and time to start dabbling at the beach. After returning from a shoot where I was assisting with Cole Barash for some Nike Ads I am back in Mammoth Lakes where I will be posted up on the floor at the Florum House for some days to come. Left Colorado at 3am, fly at 6am to San Fran, then to Reno and do the necesarry 3,000 mile oil change on my drive to the next location. Get to Mammoth around 2pm and wallah on the Mtn by 3pm. Not having a lift ticket can't always slow you down so I through on my camera bag and hiked all the way up in time to shoot just before sunset. During Superpark it has now became a tradition for shredders from all over to go to mammoth and camp out in the desert at the hotsprings and commute to the mtn on the daily. This image is of Wyatt Caldwell who is the MAN when it comes to camping and is the one responsible for everyone having a good time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Going home???!!!

So After getting back to the states I took a few days off for computer work then it was time to waste oxygen and time to go to mammoth for what was suppose to be shooting snowboarding but.... with horrible weather and being shut down on shooting I got my stuff together and drove back to my place in Tahoe. Bad bad cruising home to find out that the bears tore up my yard. I love Tahoe, I hate bears and yes I do know I am on there land and not mine but please leave my garbage alone!!