Wednesday, November 26, 2008

O'side to Lake Tahoe Via San Fran

After being in Europe for 3 weeks it was nice to hit the waves in socal and also to help out on that billabong shoot. My buddy Eric had plans to go up to San Francisco to meet up with friends and family so we decided to plan out the drive and get in touch with a friend for some couch space.
This is how the morning started off as follows

Eric prepared up some tunes to get us ready for the next 8 hours. We bounced off the highway for a minute to get Eric's eyes fixed in the ghetto of Crenshaw! After the blaze session we were ready to keep heading north with our next stop being Jersey Mikes subs, which was well good but way to over priced in Ventura. With a full belly Eric kept staring at me instead of the road saying Wow Im full and need to shit!!

Then we kept on driving thru some beautiful land of rolling hills and wine vineyards as we continued northbound heading to San Francisco.  

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