Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Portrait shoot in the subway station

This goes out to the asshole who was mopping the floors in the subway station in Munich! After setting up for a experiment that I wanted to try so bad and being shut down by a janitor who claimed "how do I know your camera isn't a bomb", following his retarded 9-11 comment and stating that since we didn't have a permit to shoot it was in our best interest to leave before we get arrested. We pretended to pack our equipment up then relocated to another area of the station that wasn't as busy as where the experiment was going to take place. No I didn't get to accomplish nor re-attempt what the whole game plan was but fortunately we found a non busy hidden little corner that would work out just well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretty Women in Mexico

This is a perfect example of why you can't always believe what you read!! Shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As we were grabbing a bite to eat our server was looking hot and hungry!

Jesse's Bass was this BIG

Going through more old photos to edit down the hard- drive I came across Jesse and his Bass. Shot in front of my Apartment which is in a small hallway and a stairwell not the most scenic place for a photo or best location either. Also I believe I was packing to hit the road when I heard the knock on my door to check out this piece of Flesh which he had just caught.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A players view

I was going through my hard-drive to do some more editing and looked into a folder from over this past summer when I was in Europe During the World Cup. The day of the World Cup I was shooting portraits for a press release and after we were done shooting I got onto the subway to head back to the apartment and get ready to go out and start the drinking and socializing process and along the 20 minute subway ride I happened to grab this photo of a athlete who just got done playing football in the park. I thought it was super interesting that his shin guards had the German colors on them, as everyone who got onto the subway had there colors painted on the faces or was carrying there flags with tons of pride.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The remainder of photos from Japan

For more pics from Japan check out my Flickr page. There might be a few funny captions worth reading that is if you know how to read or find reading to be fun and exciting.