Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Must surf when not shooting

Lately I been trying to surf as much as possible when not shooting. Sept is the best time to be around New Jersey with the change of seasons and watching the inlanders come and go. Here is a few shots I hunted down of myself surfing from last week. Some images are shot by Joe Guagliardo
and the other 2 images are shot by Jesse Pomeroy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Its all fun and games

I grabbed this image of Jeremy's Ass while Sarka was taking this jump building seriously until Jeremy brought some humor to the big dig. This was done after I dropped heat behind a giant rock and telling the filmer to check out this dirty angle of this jump as we confused him into almost stepping in shit. Almost worked maybe next time not say shitty or dirty or any other key words.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayhem in Argentina

After some days with bad weather and other days with good weather there always is room for party. Work hard party hard is a common way to live, as long as you can keep it all together. So we left the mountain to find out that the others were way more drunk then us leaving the after shred party buffet. Scotty thought it was a good idea to start slowing making holes in the door, the hotel manager told us to quiet down, while the TM Mutty was being responsible for returning some borrowed gear down in town. Upon his return the 4 delinquents in our room had to turn in our passports and sit through some funny noise and a ration of shit from the police. As we thought it was possible to remove the broken door from the room and put it next to the dumpster, it would have worked if they didn't see Sarka carrying it down the stairs. Here is Scotty and his door that he bought!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 days home

With 5 days in between trips and changing over from summer mode to winter mode it was time to get myself organized, test equipment as well as decide how to pack properly. Any time you get on a plane with your shred gear as well as your camera equipment you are bound to be overweight, unless you have the help of a 1K member you are going to pay. It was nice to come home from one trip and see how the season transformed from summer to fall during my 5 days home. Sept 1st I took off to meet with the Flow Team in Washington DC then all head down to Argentina together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Arriving home after Bali

So after a 3 hour flight to Singapore with a 9 hr layover it was time to fly to Frankfurt which If I may say has the dumbest security in any airport. During all the hassle and starting to come down with food poison I felt just swell, not! Got my next flight to JFK, home of were no Americans speak English, a hour or so into this flight I knew it was going to be the worst flight of my life. Never Fly when extremely sick! After making it home after all this travel and throwing up I had a few days to soak in the Jersey Fumes of Polluted Oxygen , do some surfing and prepare for my next trip. Here is a I phone pick from the hood which I call home.