Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mayhem in Argentina

After some days with bad weather and other days with good weather there always is room for party. Work hard party hard is a common way to live, as long as you can keep it all together. So we left the mountain to find out that the others were way more drunk then us leaving the after shred party buffet. Scotty thought it was a good idea to start slowing making holes in the door, the hotel manager told us to quiet down, while the TM Mutty was being responsible for returning some borrowed gear down in town. Upon his return the 4 delinquents in our room had to turn in our passports and sit through some funny noise and a ration of shit from the police. As we thought it was possible to remove the broken door from the room and put it next to the dumpster, it would have worked if they didn't see Sarka carrying it down the stairs. Here is Scotty and his door that he bought!!!!

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