Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Arrival in San Fran

After the long drive from San Diego to San Fran we finally arrive and are pretty tired but so stoked to be there. In this photo you can see how eric lost his mind as he awaits for our "room and board supplier" come to the front door so he can drain the lizard.
 Anthony and Saddie sit down with us for a welcome gathering 
We then called it the night and passed out. Soon as we woke up which was earlier since the little one wakes everyone up, we went straight to check the waves followed up by some amazing coffee, coconut, toast $7 bomb ass breakfast. Anthony was this stoked to show us around his neighborhood!!   
Props to them at Trouble Coffee!!     

After Checking the surf and seeing how good it looked we then headed back to Anthony's work before Eric and I took off to see if there was a wave under the San Fran Bridge which was on fire at the time.  On thant walk with friendly dog tried to lick Eric to death and he started to make these faces!! So Funny that guy is! 
 After being amazed at the surf under the bridge we drove to Fishermans Wharf for some amazing clam chowder and to check out the site. You have to eat Boudin Bread if you are in San Fran and it is never short of a dull moment when u see hippies carrying there lazy dogs around the city!! 


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

O'side to Lake Tahoe Via San Fran

After being in Europe for 3 weeks it was nice to hit the waves in socal and also to help out on that billabong shoot. My buddy Eric had plans to go up to San Francisco to meet up with friends and family so we decided to plan out the drive and get in touch with a friend for some couch space.
This is how the morning started off as follows

Eric prepared up some tunes to get us ready for the next 8 hours. We bounced off the highway for a minute to get Eric's eyes fixed in the ghetto of Crenshaw! After the blaze session we were ready to keep heading north with our next stop being Jersey Mikes subs, which was well good but way to over priced in Ventura. With a full belly Eric kept staring at me instead of the road saying Wow Im full and need to shit!!

Then we kept on driving thru some beautiful land of rolling hills and wine vineyards as we continued northbound heading to San Francisco.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My trip back to 1010

So after 3 weeks in Germany with alot of time starring at my monitor and searching for new cool websites since I always find myself at the same small number of sites as usual, lately I been searching for blogs and reading a ton which is awkward for me. Socal is beautiful as tomorrow I will be departing back to Tahoe.  This time I stayed about 1 week. I helped Assist with photographer on the Billabong Girls ads. Shots look awesome!! Going to San Fran for the next 2 days with Eric to meet with Anthony. We are all going to kick it in Tahoe and cruise around checking out the sites before we get dumped on with snow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Skate shoot in Munich

This image was done over my trip to Europe. 
Frontside flip into the bank! Crazy long bike ride with a camera bag on my back and a lighting bag on my chest while pedaling for days and getting kicked out of spots.
Tyler Heffernan

Web updates 11.17.08

A few more images added to 
Also the Bio page is now complete.
Take a look and feel free to send out the link!
Tyler Heffernan

Friday, November 14, 2008

Snowboard Revolution

Check out the photos and story I did for the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam held at Dachstein Glacier. Also be sure to check out my updated website.
tyler heffernan

Check out a new image and also

I shot this in Munich Germany while I was there from October 21st till November 13th. 
Thanks for checking it out
Tyler Heffernan

Photo Portfolio updated

Recently I got a majority of my website finished. The layout is all completed along with the color. There are 2 photo gallery's. Click portfolio then select either Portraits or Action. In addition I now have my new web email.  
Be sure to check out