Thursday, April 22, 2010

11 hrs in Jersey

After a few days in NY and a gap in our schedule till our next shoot, I hoped it wasn't going to be a problem to reschedule my flight through NJ VS NY. Got the flight change in my email at 2 in the afternoon. Got back from lunch and repacked Tim's car and we charged it 3 hours home. Got my parents to pick me up in north jersey and we grabbed some amazing deli food at Harolds Deli in Edison. Then went back to my house with my parents and relaxed for a few hours, watched some tv and did some laundry. I also stopped by a friends house for and hour then it was time to pass out cause my next flight was in 5 hours. Next stop is Sun Valley Idaho!!


  1. yo kid when u comingback west?

  2. Yo Kid,
    I am west! Been out here for a few weeks. In Mammoth right now for a few days then to Tahoe for laundry and return to Mammoth. When you coming to Tahoe? Roll by the spot is sick son!