Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally making it home

So the day I was leaving this was a very hectic day.. no bullshit! First off we had to be rowed back to the dock, load up the van and start the 20 miles drive to the airport. As you get within 5 miles of the airport everyone has to unload the car put everything through security, get the car bomb scanned and go through a medal detector. Reload the car after the bomb dogs had a field day with my equipment then continue to drive past 1,000s of machine guns pointed at you. Get ripped off flying my overweight bags then get escorted by dude with machine guns onto the plane. Off to New Delhi for 4 hours for dinner and back to another airport. Almost got arrested in New Delhi after security threw my laptop case with my hard-drives of the whole trip. Followed by a 16 hr flight to Chicago then a 5 hr layover followed by a 4 hr flight to reno then a 4 hr drive home due to traffic.. A long day for sure.. Damn it feels nice to be back in Tahoe for 4 days!!

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